Located in Hatfield, Pa, Tri-State Elite Academy area has two 70' cages that can be retracted to the ceiling to provide a 55 yd track area for long toss and throwing programs.  TSE also uses a 40' x 115' turfed area which includes a 105' batting cage that can be divided into three hitting sections for lessons, clinics and team training.  For information on rentals at our facility email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 215-996-1740 for current rates and specials.

Space Rentals:

TSE also provides rental capacity for coaches and teams to workout or do their own training sessions.  

Agility, Core, Reaction training:

Additional courses will be posted in the coming week for working with specific aspects of athletic training.  The purpose is to better prepare youth athletes and reduce risk for injury.  We have specific programs which include:

  • Speed and Agility Development
  • Core and Strength Development
  • Reaction Time and Anticipation Training


I just wanted to thank you for an excellent 8 weeks at LDU. You and your entire staff were great with the boys, and taught them (my coaches and me) some of the finer points of the game. The other parents were equally impressed. I especially liked the way you took the time to explain what you were teaching, and why it is important. And the kids were really listening to you. There is a big difference between somebody's dad telling you how it is done, and hearing it from a Big Leaguer!
I know our team will be back next year, and I have already talked to you about some one-on-one hitting sessions with my son throughout this season. Thanks again for everything. See you soon.

Gerry W.